Animal cornutum, or The horn'd beast

Publication Date1654
Remainderwherein is contained, 1 a brief method of the grounds of astrology, 2 a description of each planet and sign, 3 the way to erect a figure of heaven, 4 a narrative of what visible eclipses (both of sun and moon) will appear in our horizon, for these 15 years yet to come, with the month, day, and hour when they happen. Whereunto is annexed, an examination of a spurious pamphlet (intituled, Astrology proved to be the doctrine of dæmons) laying open the antagonist's malice, and folly; with a refutation of his errors, by an astrological example, in figure, and judgement. Composed for the benefit of all those that are desirous to exercise themselves herein, by J. Gadbury, a lover of the celestial sciences
Extent[10], 23, [3], 47, [1] p.
Publisherprinted for William Larnar, and are to be sold at the Blackmores head neer Fleet-bridge


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