The arraignment and tryall with a declaration of the Ranters

Publication Date1650
Remainderalso, several sentences proceedings at the sessions in the Old-Baily, and Councel of War: their protestations and the hanging of one up by the thumbs; with divers penalties to be inflicted upon others. The dancing and revelling of Dr. Buckeridge and his wife, and other gent. dancing all in white, in Berkshire, and their Christmas carol. A dispute between a Ranter in Bridewel, and one that came to see him; with his creed and pater noster: and the names of the false gods they worship. As also, a list of many of the Ranters, from whence they are derived: and of many hundreds of them in England
Extent[2], 6 p.
PublisherPrinted by B.A. and published according to order

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