The second part of the triall of Lieut. Col. John Lilburn

Publication Date1650
Remainderby an extraordinary or speciall commission of oyer and terminer, at the Guild-hall of London; the 24 25, 26, of October, 1649. Being exactly the first dayes work of the judges, &c. (which was not inserted in the last:) with Judge Keeble's large speech to the grand-jury. In which is also contained, divers additions aud [sic] amendments of the first part of his triall: with divers remarkable observations in law, upon the illegality of all their three dayes proceedings with him. Unto which is also annexed; certain demonstrative reasons of the impossibility of overthrowing juries, and the now setting up arbitrary high courts of justice; the practise of which in Empson and Dudley (although they had an Act of Parliament in Hen: the 7ths. time, made by King, Lords, and Commons, for their commission) cos them their heads as traitors, for subverting the fundamentall freedomes and liberties of the nation
Extent[2], 18, 31, [1] p.

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