Thirteen strange prophesies

Publication Date1648
Remainderbesides Mother Shiptons, predicting wonderfull events to betide these years of danger in this climate, whereof some have already come to passe well worthy of note. Most of them were found in the reignes of Edward the fourth, and Henry the eighth, Kings of England, and are these which follow: viz. 1. Mother Shiptons prophesies. 2. The blind mans prophesie. 3. Ignatius Loyala - 4. Sybilla's prophesie. 5. Merlins prophesie. 6. Orwell Bins prophesie. 7. M. Brightmans prophesie. 8. M. Giftheils prophesie. With six other prophesies, neve before printed. Whereunto is added the predictions of M. John Saltmarsh, to his Excellency the Lord Fairfax, and the Councell of his army: as also the manner of his death. Now printed and published for the satisfaction of those who have been abused by false and imperfect copies; with marginall notes on Mother Shiptons prophesies
Extent8 p.
Publishernewly printed for Francis Coles at the signe of the Half-Bowle in the Old-Bayly


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