Diotrephes catechised: or Sixteen important questions touching the ecclesiastical jurisdiction and censures (contradistinct to civill) now eagerly pretended to and challenged by a divine right, by some over-rigid Presbyterians, and Independents

Publication Date1646
RemainderPropounded to both these dissenting parties, for the further discovery of truth; the preservation of the civill magistrates interest, and speedier comprising of our present unhappy controversies touching church government: on which many now so over-dote, as to place the whole kingdome of Christ and substance of religion therein, to repute all our former reformation, a meere nothing; the Church of Christ undone, and the exercise of their ministry, not onely fruitlesse but unlawfull, so as they cannot with good conscience continue, but threaten to relinquish it, in case they cannot obtain their demands, of such an exorbitant power, by Divine justitution, which Christ and his Apostles never claimed, exercised, nor themselves, nor predecessors, ever formerly enioyed, petitioned for, or pretended to in any age, but this. Proposed published by a well-wisher to verity and unity
Extent12 p.


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