A perfect description of Virginia

Publication Date1648
Remainderbeing, a full and true relation of the present state of the plantation, their health, peace, and plenty: the number of people, with their abundance of cattell, fowl, fish, &c. with severall sorts of rich and good commodities, which may there be had, either naturally, or by art and labour. Which we are fain to procure from Spain, France, Denmark, Swedeland, Germany, Poland, yea, from the East-Indies. There having been nothing related of the true estate of this plantation these 25 years. Being sent from Virginia, at the request of a gentleman of worthy note, who desired to know the true state of Virginia as it now stands. Also, a narration of the countrey, within a few dayes journey of Virginia, west and by south, where people come to trade: being related to the governour, Sir William Berckley, who is to go himselfe to discover it with 30 horse, and 50 foot, and other things needfull for his enterprize. With the manner how the Emperor Nichotawance came to Sir William Berckley, attended with five petty Kings, to doe homage, and bring tribute to King Charles. With his solemne protestation, that the sun and moon should lose their lights, before he (or his people in that country) should prove disloyall, but ever to keepe faith and allegiance to King Charles
Extent[4], 19, [1] p.
Publisherprind [sic] for Richard Wodenoth, at the Star under Peters Church in Cornhill

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