A terrible and bloudy fight at Tinmouth castle on Fryday last

Publication Date1648
Remainderbetween the forces under the command of Lieut. Col. Henry Lilburn (Governour of the said castle) who declared for the King, and the Parliament forces commanded by Sr. Arthur Haslrig, Lieut. Col. Ashfield and Major Cobbam, who marched from Newcastle in the night, stormed the walls, entred in at the portholes regained the castle and put the Lieut. Col. Lilburn with divers others to the sword, the full particulars of the fight, and number killed and taken, the like never heard of before. Also, a bloudy fight in Pomfract towne, between Lieutenant Gen. Crumwell and his forces, and Col. Bonavent and the Kings forces, with the number kiled and taken prisoners and the retreat and advance of the Lieut. Gen. to Major Generall Lambert. Likewise, a great blow near the Downs, and the ingagement of Collone Rich his forces, with the Princes, upon the landing of a party of his Highnesses men
Extent[2], 6 p.
PublisherPrinted for G.W. and are to be sold in the Old-Bayly


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