Mr. Prinns charge against the King

Publication Date1648
RemainderShewing that the Kings design, purpose, and resolution, his endeavours, practice, and conversation, have alwayes been engaged, byassed, and tended to settle, establish, confirm, popery, tyranny, and slavery, in, among, over his dominions subjects, people, and in order to that design, end, and purpose, he writ to the Pope of Rome ... engaging himself to the said Pope, to endeavour to settle the popish religion only in his dominions; and since his coming to the crown, hath extented extraordinary favonrs [sic] upon, and protecti- on [sic] of notorious papists, priests & Jesuits, against all prosecution of lawes enacted against them; notwith- standing all his protestations to the contrary, hath raised up a most horrid, unnatural, and bloudy warre, arming his Roman Catholique subjects to massacre, plunder, torture, imprison, ruine, his loyall, faithfull pious Protestant subjects to burn, sack, and spoile their cities, towns and villages, collected from the bookes written. By William Prinne of Lincolns Inne, Esquire. Being but a very small tast from that main ocean of that which he hath written concerning the King, and his ill beheaviour, since his coming to the crown; as also with references unto clear, satisfactory, convincing answers unto severall objections, concerning resisting, censuring, suspending, depriving kings for their tyranny, yea capitally proceeding against them, by the said author
Extent[1], 7 p.


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