The second part of A seasonable legal and historical vindication, and chronological collection of the good old fundamental liberties, franchises, rights, lawes, government of all English freemen

Publication Date1655
Remaindertheir best inheritance and onely security against all arbitrary tyranny and Ægyptian taxes. Wherein the extraordinary zeal, courage, care, vigilancy, civill, military and Parliamentary consultations, contests, to preserve, establish, perpetuate them to posterity, against all tyrants, usurpers, enemies, invaders, both under the ancient pagan and Christian Britons, Romans, Saxons. The laws and Parliamentall great councils of the Britons, Saxons. With some generall presidents, concerning the limited powers and prerogatives of our British and first Saxon kings; the fundamental rights, liberties, franchises, laws of their subjects, the severe punishments of their tyrannicall princes on the one side, and of unrighteous usurpers, traytors, regicides, treason, perfidiousnesse and disloyalty on the other (recorded in our historians) are chronologically epitomized, and presented to publick view, for the benefit of the whole English nation. By William Prynne of Swainswick, Esquire
Extent[76], 76 p.
Publisherprinted for the author, and are to be sold by Edward Thomas dwelling in Green Arbour


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