The second part of a Short demurrer to the Ievves long discontinued remitter into England

Publication Date1656
RemainderContaining a brief chronological collection of the most material records in the reigns of King John, Henry 3. and Edward 1. relating the history, affaires, state, condition, priviledges, obligations, debts, legal proceedings, justices, taxes, misdemeanors, forfeitures, restraints, transactions, of the Jews in, and final banishment out of England, never formerly published in print: with some short usefull observations upon them. Worthy the knowledge of all lawyers, scholars, statists, and of such Jews who desire re-admission into England. By VVilliam Prynne Esquire, a bencher of Lincolns-Inne
Extent[4], 13, [1] p., 14-52 leaves, [34], 53-116, [3], 124-144, 141-147, [1] p.
Publisherprinted, and sold by Edward Thomas in Green Arbor


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