Irenarches rediuiuus. Or, A briefe collection of sundry usefull and necessary statutes and petitions in Parliament

Publication Date1648
Remainder(not hitherto published in print, but extant onely in the Parliament rolls) concerning the necessity, utility, institution, qualification, jurisdiction, office, commission, oath, and against the causlesse, clandestine dis-commissioning of justices of peace; fit to be publikely known and observed in these reforming times. With some short deductions from them; and a touch of the antiquity and institution of assertors and justices of peace in other forraign kingdomes. Together with a full refutation of Sir Edward Cooks assertion, and the commonly received erronious opinion, of a difference between ordinances and Acts of Parliament in former ages; here cleerly manifested to be then but one and the same in all respects, and in point of the threefold assent. Published for the common good, by William Prynne of Lincolns-Inne, Esq
Extent[4], 44 p.
Publisherprinted for Michael Spark at the Bible in Green-Arbor





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