A continuation or second part of the Letters from the dead to the living

Publication Date1707
Remainderby Mr. Thomas Brown, Capt. Ayloff, Mr. Henry Barker, &c. Viz. Mr. Jo. Haines's Second Letter, to his Friends at Will's, Sir Fleet. Shepherd to Mr. P-r. Pominy of Avergne, to Mr. Abell the Singer. Senior Nicola, to Mr. Buckley at the Swan Coffee-House. Alderm. Floyer, to Sir Humph. - Sir J. Norris. Q. Eliz. Chief Commander against the Spaniards, to Sir Henry and Sir Charles. The Admiral of the Invincible Armada to Monsieur Chatenau Renaut at Rodondello. Cornelius Gallus, to the Lady Dilliana at the Bath. Bully Dawson to Bully W- Nell. Gwyn, to Peg Hughs. Hugh Peters, to his Brother Daniel in Rogue-Lane. Ludlow, to the Calf's-Head Club James Naylor, to his Friends the Quakers at the Bull and Mouth. Lilly the Fortune-Teller, to Coley the Almanack-Maker, in Baldwin's Garden. Tony Lee, to Cave Underhil. Harry Purcel to Dr. Blow. Mrs. Behn to the Famous Virgin Actress. Madam Creswell, to her Sister in Iniquity Moll. Quarles. Several between an Attorney and a Dead Person. And several others, with their Answers
Publisherprinted, and are to be sold by Benj. Bragg, at the Black Raven in Pater-Noster-Row


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