Allotrioepiskopos, the busie bishop. Or The visitor visited

Publication Date1648
RemainderBy way of answer to a very feeble pamphlet lately published by Mr J.G. called Sion Colledge visited, in which answer, his cavils against the ministers of London for witnessing against his errours touching the hol Scriptures, and the power of man to good supernaturall, are answered, and the impertinency of his quotations out of the fathers, Martin Bucer, and Mr Ball are manifested. By William Jenkyn minister of the Word of God at Christ-Church London
Extent[6], 60 p.
Publisherprinted by A[braham]. M[iller]. for Christopher Meredith at the Crane in Pauls-Church yard, and Tho. Vnderhill at the Bible in Woodstreet




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