The third part of GangrŠnaĚ Or, A new and higher discovery of the errors, heresies, blasphemies, and insolent proceedings of the sectaries of these times

Publication Date1646
Remainderwith some animadversions by way of confutation upon many of the errors and heresies named. As also a particular relation of many remarkable stories, speciall passages, copies of letters written by sectaries to sectaries, ... Briefe animadversions on many of the sectaries late pamphlets, as Lilburnes and Overtons books against the House of Peeres, M. Peters his last report of the English warres, the Lord Mayors farewell from his office of maioralty, M. Goodwins thirty eight queres upon the ordinance against heresies and blasphemies, M. Burtons Conformities deformity, M. Dells sermon before the House of Commons; ... As also some few hints and briefe observations on divers pamphlets written lately against me and some of my books, as M. Goodwins pretended reply to the Antapologie, M. Burroughs Vindication, Lanseters Lance, GangrŠna playes rex, GangrŠae-Chrestum, M. Saltmarshes answer to the second part of GangrŠna. A iustification of the manner and way of writing these books called GangrŠna, wherein not onely the lawfulnesse, but the necessity of writing after this manner is proved by Scripture, fathers, the most eminent reformed divines, casuists, the practice and cnstome [sic] of all ages. By Thomas Edvvards Minister of the Gospel.
Extent[36], 16, [16], 17-240, [8], 241-295, [1] p.
Publisherprinted for Ralph Smith, at the Bible in Cornehill



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