The true and originall copy of the first petition which was delivered by sir David Watkins, Mr. Shute

Publication Date1642
Remainderwho were accompanied with Mr. Burrowes, M. Peters, Mr. Goodwin, and fourescore and fifteene more, who framed this petition upon the grounds of the late protestation which they had formerly taken. VVhich petition was delivered to the Honourable House of Commons on Thursday the first of December, 1642. Whereunto is added Master Shutes speech at the delivery of the said petition, together with their propositions and demands; also the reasons why and wherefore th aforesaid petition was delivered. Together with the House of Commons answer to the said petition. Likewise the gracious entertainment and answer which both Houses of Parliament gave to the other five thousand petitioners on Wednesday being the fifteenth of this moneth. Published for all those that desire truely to be informed; as also concerning the last tumult at Guild-Hall, and by whom it was caused
Extent[8] p.
LocationPrinted at London
Publisherfor Francis Coule [i.e. Coles]

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