A moral prognostication

Publication Date1680
RemainderI. What shall befall the churches on earth, till their concord, by the restitution of their primitive purity, simplicity, and charity. II. How that restitution is like to be made, (if ever) and what shall befall them thence-forth unto the end, in that golden-age of love. Written by Richard Baxter. When by the King's commission, we (in vain) treated for concord, 1661. And now published, not to instruct the proud, that scorn to learn; nor to make them wise, who will not be made wise: but to instruct the sons of love and peace, in their dutie and expectations. And to tell posterity, that the things which befall them, were fore-told: and that the evil might have been prevented, and blessed peace on earth attained, if men had been but willing; and had not shut their eyes, and hardened their hearts, against the beams of light and love
Extent[4], 67, [1] p.
Publisherprinted for Thomas Simmons, at the Princes-Arms in Ludgate-Street



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