A second true defence of the meer nonconformists, against the untrue accusations, reasonings and history of Dr. Edward Stillingfleet, Dean of St. Pauls, &c

Publication Date1681
RemainderClearly proving that it is (not sin but) duty 1. Not wilfully to commit the many sins of conformity. 2. Not sacrilegiously to forsake the preaching of the Gospel. 3. Not to cease publick worshipping of God. 4. To use needful pastoral helps for salvation, though men forbid it, and call it schism. Written by Richard Baxter, not to accuse others, but to defend Gods truth, and the true way of peace after near 20 years loud accusations of the silencing, prosecuting clergy and their sons. With some notes on Mr. Joseph Glanviles zealous and impartial Protestant, and Dr. L. Moulins character
Extent[20], 44, 49-124 p., 125-128 l., 129-195, [5] p.
Publisherprinted for Nevil Simons, at the sign of the Three Golden Cocks at the West-end of St. Pauls




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