Janua linguarum reserata: sive Omnium scientiarum & linguarum seminarium

Publication Date1643
Remainderid est, compendiosa Latinam & Anglicam, alias?que linguas, & artium etiam fundamenta addiscendi methodus; una? cum JanuŠ Latinitatis vestibulo. Authore cl. viro J.A. Comenio. The gate of languages unlocked: or A seed-plot of all arts and tongues; containing a ready way to learn the Latin and English tongue. Formerly translated by Tho. Horn: afterwards much corrected & amended by Joh. Robotham: now carefully reviewed, and exactly compared with all former editions, foreign and others, and muc enlarged both in the Latin and English: together with a portall to the Janua
Extent[376] p.
Publisherprinted by James Young, and are sold by Thomas Slater, at the Swan in Duck-lane




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