The pattern of the divine temple, sanstuary, [sic] and city of the New Jerusalem

Publication Date1690
Remaindermeasured according to Ezekiels last and greatest vision, chap. 40. to the end. [Whi]ch temple shall be seen open'd in heaven in the days of the seventh trumpet; at the end of the 1260 days of the apostasie 1697. That there may be a daily preparation in conformity to it, until it comes down from heaven at the end of the 2300 evens. morns. Dan. 8. 14. and of the 1335 days, Dan. 12. 12. at 1772. Designed as a preface to two late treatises, viz. The prophetic history of the Reformation till the great re-reformation; and The grand apocalyptick vision of the witnesses, rising and ascending: which shall contemporate with this temple open'd in heaven at the time 1697. By Tho. Beverley, a most humble reader in the prophesies of Jesus Christ.
Extent[10], 24 p.
PublisherPrinted, and are to be sold by John Salusbury, at the Rising Sun in Cornhill


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